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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


He tells me that I'm peculiar.  And that I use weird words.  And phrases.  And I tell him that he could be married to an ax murderer serial killer.  Or Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum or Rick Perry.  So there.  

He laughs and giggles at me when I use certain words.  He'll make me "Say it Again."  And then we both laugh.  And now that I'm completely familiar with the words that I know will set him off, I take my time saying them.  Really drrraaawww them out.  Emphasize them and make them worth the laughing.  For some of the words, it's that I use them at all.  For other words, it's the emphasis or accent I put on them, apparently.  Words and phrases like:

Crisps (It's the ending "P" and "S")
Residual (who else in god's name uses this word??!!)
Potato or Taco Bar
 Rolls (as in bread or rolls...maybe I spend too much time on the "oolll" part)
Meal (instead of using the word food...maybe I draw out the "ea" part). 

Just normal, old, everyday words that everyone uses from time to time.  I suppose I caught the weird word and pronunciation disease from my mom or something.  Or perhaps I do it now just to give us something to laugh about.  You do that in old age, you know.  Weird things.  Funky things that nobody else does....or would ever do.  And the longer you've been together, the longer the list is of things that go on just between the two of you.  And that's peculiar too. 


Anonymous said...

Having friends and family in the film/TV industry I use residual quite often.

Stephen said...

The Spirit of Saint Lewis:
Talks Funny
Damn Peculiar

Dave2 said...

Now I want tacos.

anne marie said...

I want potato rolls!

Mike said...

I bet you say "peculiar" funny, too...

Ur-spo said...

Keep on being peculiar.
I love atypical and not common words use.
I try to learn some new ones each week.

Greg said...

It's the peculiar things that make us special.

Blair said...

Man there's a lot of residual moisture here in Seattle this morning. I can't wait to see you this evening for dinner. No, there will be no Taco Bar, but rather a delicious hot meal with great side components. I love you!

BosGuy said...

I'm in no position to tease someone for the way they talk considering I use to sound like Good Will Hunting.

The New Flops Boy said...

Great stuff! I use "residual" quite a bit, too. And "ostensibly." And of course, being from the deep south, I tend to drawww myyy wooorrrds out a bit, too yal!

I studied English and Journalism, so have always had an interest in etymology and grammar. It makes me nuts to text "u" or "r" as in "how r u?" Purist, I guess. I love abbreviations though, like "LOL" and "FYI."

My pet peeves revolve around the mis-use of words that have become so common, they are now accepted. Like "snuck." It's "sneaked." Or "drug." It's "dragged." Ok, so maybe I too am PECULIAR, FYI! LOL!