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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Biscuits and Civil Unions...An Unlikely Union

I'd like mine with honey and butter, please. And maybe just a bit of raspberry freezer jam. The biscuits, that is. Of course it wouldn't be the female dancers at Pirate's Cove and I can't imagine that it would be the male bartenders. You'll recall that I've written about this neighborhood icon in past a time or two. I can't help but think that it'd be fantastic as a place for our neighbors to gather for coffee. But, instead, we've got a strip club complete with (apparently) the best biscuits in town. Oh, and one of their most recent claims to fame has something to do with Maxim Magazine. Their sign read "Thanks Maxim Magazine" for the last month or so. God only knows what that could possibly mean. But what I'm really waiting for is the scene where all of the boys come with their biscuits to the yard. Stay tuned.

Portland Residents: This Wednesday, January 30, will mark a giant planned vigil in front of the U.S. District Courthouse in downtown Portland. If you're in the area, be there or be square: Wednesday at 5:30pm at SW 3rd and Madison. Details are here from Basic Rights Oregon. This will serve as a time to unite, stand up, and be counted in anticipation of Judge Michael Mossman's decision on the state of Civil Unions in the state of Oregon. Mossman will render his decision next Friday, February 1. With New Mexico and even Salt Lake City joining the ranks of providing equal rights and benefits to their citizens, it is most definitely time for Oregon to jump into the year 2008 with a giant leap of equal rights for all. Come on, Mossman....do it right!


Laurie said...

I like mine with honey and butter
too! The biscuits that is.

I'm wishing the best with the
vigil downtown. I so wish I could
be there. That judge better do the
right thing. I'm pushing for same
sex unions.


Lemuel said...

We'll be sending out our best wishes from PEE-AYY for the success of the vigil!

Anonymous said...

Hope the vigil meets its goals in attendance; wish I was able to be there for it to help out too. Best wishes with all your efforts.


Stacey said...

mmmmm... biscuits and honey. *drool*

Rally is on the calendar, I'll be there, thanks for the reminders.

D-Man said...

If they're hot, they can eat my biscuit...

Nathan Garvison said...

Ugh I really, really want to go to the vigil, but I have class AND that's the day of my mom's surgery! I hate when scheduling gets in the way of doing what I want to do in the gay community. Damn life just gets in the way! I will try to be there in spirit, and I wish you the best of luck as you go.

Breenlantern said...

I'd be there if I could, buddy. Rally their asses off and know we're with you in spirit. And I'll take a raincheck for biscuits in the yard with you and "the boys."

savante said...

More More! More of the boys in the yard!

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kenny said...

You should go in there one day and see what it's all about.

Thanks for fighting for gay Oregonian rights!

Wayne said...

Best of luck with the judge!
I wish I could be there.

Greg said...

I guess it would depend upon the type of biscuit. I prefer buttermilk with lots of honey and butter smothered on top and melting down the sides. So their biscuits have a lot to live up to.

Ur-spo said...

if Utah can do this for goodness sake than so can OR.
good luck.

Billy said...

My support for your vigil from this side of the world. All people deserve the right to live exactly how they choose!

Christopher said...

I love my biscuits drowning in gravy....yum!

WAT said...

Pirate's Cove. Uh huh. Girl dancers, but the name invites oh soooooo many gay jokes.

bardelf said...

I'll share my biscuit. Wanna nibble? ; )

Cooper said...

I'll be there in spirit, and will light my own candle here.

Mmmm, maybe I should bake biscuits ... with raspberry jam and whipped cream.

"W" said...

Arrrrgh! I'd like to be a pirate in me matey's hole. And yes, this southern girl loves her some biscuits and honey.

I mean, Hi!

Ryan said...

how about i just jump and roll in the butter and u can lick it off me! hehe j/k

hope the vigil goes well.