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Saturday, December 06, 2008

It's Been One Year Today

I love my sister more than you'll ever know. I struggle for her many days in my own heart. She has commanded my attention for much of our lives together. I have blogged about her repeatedly on my site......She has given us all a Mandate to be Better. So, today, one year after the fact....because I love you and am continually reminded of how things can be different. I love you, you know that. Keep up the great work....even when you don't feel like it. Feelings can be horribly misleading sometimes.


annie said...

one year ago today must have been sentencing. you, brother, are one of the key reasons i made it through that dark period. God knows what i can handle with His help, and what will keep me holding His hand. i am apparently one of those who has to be "dragged kicking and screaming" through some of the lessons. thank you to one of my two biggest supporters. i am so glad you're my old brother and i'm your young sister. i will constantly strive to the highest heights, and hope one day to have you preview the book! i love you, i love you, i love you - and am so very proud to call you brother.

Anthony said...

Your sister is very lucky to have such a loving and supportive brother

Blair said...

To look back at the journey this past year and the years prior brings tears to my eyes beacuse I know that not only have you come through such difficult times but countless others have been touched and helped because of the two of you. I have been lucky to walk right beside the two of you during the darkest and the brightest days. I am a better man because of it. It's an amazing story!

"The light in me honors the light in both of you,"

Breenlantern said...

as i read this, chills ran through my body and tears started pouring from my eyes...there is so little evidence of true, unconditional love in this screwed up world, but these words illustrate that it does exist and it fills me with joy and hope for all of you, for me, for us for the world. The human heart is powerful...if we could only see and understand everything through loving eyes and hearts, there would be no ugliness, for everything is understandable and forgivable and fixable if we just understand and see through love which is unlimited should we chose tap into it. Your sister's story, your sharing it with us, and the sentiment it conveys is overwhelming(in a good way)-I am proud to know you all and your continued success in growing stronger and brighter and happier with every day remains on my wish list of things I want to see and know in this world and life.

Lemuel said...

With best wishes and prayers for guidance and blessings for you and for your sister. May the witness of your love and your sisters life assist other who may have fallen to experience Grace in their lives and to move into the future with confidence.

afod said...

Beautiful tribute to and celebration of your sister, Lewis!

bridgeout said...

Simply beautiful Lewis! And simply a beautiful family... you Blair... Annie the others lovingly pictured. Thank God that time passes and hope builds and healing comes! I loved the line you put in that... "hope costs us nothing"... blessings and healing and love to you all!

Java said...

Great big congratulations to your sister! I'm proud of her success, and I'm proud of your constant support for her.

Laurie said...

Your strength is amazing! You
are one remarkable woman and Lewis
loves you with all his heart and
so does Blair....I loves ya too!