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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Both Sides Now

Take the time to listen, watch and close your eyes. Maybe you'll learn something new. I have been.

Tears and fears and feeling proud, to say, I love you right out loud
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds, I've looked at life that way
But now old friends are acting strange they shake their heads, they say
Ive changed
But somethings lost but somethings gained in living every day


Stephen said...

I am zany for Joni... & I love the version with the London Symphony Orchestra.

I have beem listening to this song since 1968... before you were even born!

Rick said...

I like that song...she's good.

Lemuel said...

I must confess that I prefer the Judy Colins cover, but whatever... I have loved this song since my college days. I still have the LP as well as now MP3s of it.
I had not thought of this verse with these particular overtones (or at least the overtones that popped out to me), but now I will. Thank you! Just another reason to love the song more.

Ur-spo said...

I have not heard this song in a long while. It is intriguing to hear lyrics after a long time, hearing them in different circumstances and stages of life. They tell me different things.

LSL said...

I adore this! Thanks for posting it, Lewis.

Bridge Journey said...

Simply gorgeous and peace inducing... sooo needed today!