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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Holiday Change Is In the Air

I hate to let this sort of news out, but I've actually had sort of a propensity toward enjoying being outside the last few weeks. With the cold weather and the chilling winter winds (and we've had plenty of them here in Portland). I don't want anyone to take me wrong, I don't love, love, love, love it. I'm just trying to enjoy it. And, honestly, I haven't been out in it for any great length of time or had to work outside in it -- which may very well make all of the difference in the world. But for now, I'm trying to embrace it and enjoy it for what it is worth. I'm in strong like of trees without their leaves -- when you can just see the stark, jagged branches against a winter sky....with the weak beams of the sun poking through just like in this picture. Painting long lines of shadows on the earth below. Today marks the longest day of our year. Less light than any other day. But, guess what, tomorrow will begin our venture toward more daylight....and you just can't beat that.

I am prepared to make a few changes in my life, I think. I've been considering, thinking and drafting up a plan for it for a long time now. And it's now in printed form ready for me to put my pen to and sign it into law. There is always a big risk with putting such an item into public review. It is nothing profound, except to me. Nothing earth shattering, except to me. Nothing of high regard or noteworthy, except to me. For those of us who think the way I do, we are always considering how we can be better. Analyzing how our mistakes of yesterday can be changed. And that time is now for me. January 1, 2011, you'll see the list here. A Re-Freshing is in order. A Re-Invention is in process. And a Re-Commitment to My Own Life is forthcoming. Anybody else want to join me in making their lives a better place to live?

LoverBoy is off on a pre-Christmas Honolulu trip and will return Christmas Eve. And we'll be off and running to downtown Portland to our old church for an old fashioned candlelight service complete with amazing organ music, lots of candles, and the late-night singing of Christmas carols outside afterwards on Portland's Park Blocks. It's a great way to begin the holiday. Christmas morning will find us home. Gladly. Just us, sharing stories, swapping memories, enjoying a moment of respite in this busy life. Christmas afternoon will find us at Alex and Paul's beautiful, warm home just a ways down the road from us. A&P have become great friends through the years and that is precisely why we enjoy spending such pronounced holidays with them. I'm amazed how our friends, and even our family, changes throughout the years. I remember when we were young that my father and mother would always welcome whoever needed a place to eat a seat at our table. I still like to do that. Open the doors to those who need a place to rest or enjoy a meal.

And we have done a nice job of keeping out of the fray, the mess, the holiday-ness of the malls and money-spending cycles of our world. We gave up the gift-buying thing about five years ago -- although I have discretely discovered a few stray small packages stuffed into our mantle stockings. I hope you'll enjoy this week. The blessings of it. The friends and family you have nearby. Take care of them, and let them take care of you. We all need one another in some twisted sort of way. To ease the sharp edges of this rough world. Merry Christmas week to you all.


Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Wonderful post - I love the sentiment and the style - and it's a perfectly whispered welcome to winter, with all its requisite hesitations. Wishing you the best for the holidays my friend!

anne marie said...

happy peaceful holidays to you and blair and mason!

Lemuel said...

Your plans for the holiday sound wonderful, the kind I've wished for but have not had for over 40 years now. Enjoy and cherish! A very blessed holiday to you both!

Bridge Journey said...

Very beautiful and much appreciated warmth and care and reminders this time of year my friend! Those last 2 sentences were so meaningful I had to quote them as my FB status this morning! Grateful to call you friend Arnie!

Rick said...

The cold weather can be difficult to enjoy but it makes the warm weather that much more appreciated.

Mark in DE said...

I think its great that you are 'making the best' of the current weather, rather than complaining about it as others do. Afterall it does no good to complain.

Its also nice that you're not traveling for Christmas this year, but rather, enjoying some quality time with your hubby and special friends.

Its clear you two know how to live. Merry Christmas.

Ur-spo said...

again you have such elegant prose; I so enjoy reading your thoughts.
I hope the new year is marvelous for you both.